Glass Block Mosaic Class -  45$  


Note: Have four friends interested?  Schedule your own date/time! 

Reserve your space by calling or coming into paper airplane designs!  

This fun class is a great way to get creative and let your inhibitions go.  We will talk about glass safety, learn how to nip and shape glass pieces, and glue them onto the glass blocks.  We will also discuss what it takes to let go previously conceived notions about working with a new medium and working in a "speed" format.  One side of this block can take as little as 45 minutes to complete, but can also be a laborious task if you make it that way.   I work to clean the glass blocks and will pre drill a hole in them for you to put your light strand in the block for your use as a nightlight or porchlight.  

Choose: For 45$ Students can choose to either complete one side of the block and leave the rest of the block clear glass, I will grout the one side with either taupe or black grout.  Alternatively for 55$ you can return and complete both sides of your block, I will grout both sides 5 days later and will paint the borders black if you choose.  You can choose from taupe or black grout.  Note: one sided blocks can also be used with natural light from a window instead of lights.  

A piece of history: The blocks we are using have come from the front arch way of the Shane and Lalani Center for Arts (where my studio is located), they have a cordoroy front and back texture that allows best for abstract designs.  You will also have a chance to leave a tax deductible donation for the Shane Center during your class.  

What is included: Included in the class fee is the  8 inch glass block, my time to clean, drill and grout your block, all glass, nippers for use in class and glue. We are also providing brunch on Sunday!  All you provide is the string of lights for lighting your block at home.  If you desire to complete more than one block during the time frame that is absolutely fine but arrangements need to be pre made so I prepare the proper amount of blocks for you, additional blocks are discounted if completed the same day.  

Samples: Stop by Glassisum Designs inside Paper Airplane Designs to see samples of a one or two sided  project and to register for your project day(s).  

Glass on Glass Mosaic



Interested in working with glass?  This class is a great way to experience working with glass.  Participants will have the chance to design a mosaic, pick out stained glass and nip and shape the glass to use in there mosaic.  We will discuss ways to create depth with color and texture while sharing in the spirit of being creative. Participants will leave their finished window to dry and then return in 10 days to pick up there completed grouted window.  Upon registration you can discuss a custom size as well as the choice to use a window you have salvaged.  Any glass surface will work for this class, an old barn window or house window works great as well!   This class will include lunch from Faye's Cafe and will be held at the studio of Glasssium Designs in the Shane Center in Livingston, Montana.  

*Finished project choice of sizes 12x12 or 12x15 (custom size requests available, as well as option to bring an antique window)