I'll be bringing my glass art to show at Cycle Greater Yellowstone for my fifth year and have decided to offer a special new design I've created just for CGY on my handblown glassware.  The color was designed after the prismatic springs in Yellowstone park and animal wrap (etched on the glass) feature park animals as well as a bike (YOU!) leading the heard! 


For every glass purchased I'll be making a donation to the Greater Yellowstone Coalition

Please fill out and submit the form below so I can guarantee your order. I will be blowing this special set of glasses in the spring and again prior to the event. With this preorder there is an option for shipping to be received 2 weeks after ordering or to pick up your order on the event, at the event finish area.  Once you have submitted the form I will follow up with you in 7-10 days to confirm and collect payment. 

If you are ready to make an additional donation to the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, click here

I look forward to seeing you in August and have fun training for the wilds of Wyoming!


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Note: All Glasses are handmade without a mold, I try hard to send a great matched set but know they will all be unique.
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If you choose to have them shipped I'll add 5-15$ to order for shipping, no one pays more than 15 for shipping (even if you order 16!)! Free to pick up at finish line.