New Incredible things.

by Katie Sisum

This six pack of boxes were designed for a special client to give to several special people in her life to toast an occasion.  I received 1-2 sentences about each person and then went to town to find personality for each of these boxes.  I found myself laughing at the names I decided to give them, but the laughing was at myself realizing how incredibly on they were for each person.  What a fun project!

Do you see why this one received the name “Northern Lights”?

If you haven’t had a chance to get to Altered Esthetics in Minneaplis to see the Bike Art show then GO NOW! It’s a great show featuring two things that Minneapolis are known for; bikes and art!  Plus you will find my Bike Superior panel hanging there until the end of June. 

Finally, new in my studio is the start of a new commission project.  This panel will commemorate a wedding taking place at a vineyard in Oregon.  More to come on this project but here is a sneak peak at part of my personal designed pattern.

Art glass.

by Katie Sisum

There are several types of sheet glass for your stained glass projects.  There is glass known as “art glass” this is glass that is hand made by ladeling different colors of glass and combining them in different ways.  Art glass is used typically in stained glass lamp shades and a variety of projects.  I like to use art glass in my boxes as it really allows the boxes to be one of a kind.  Here are a few boxes that I used a similar design of art glass and accomplished two different looks. 

This next box I also used a piece of slumped glass made from a cut of a vodka bottle for the handle.