New Incredible things.

by Katie Sisum

This six pack of boxes were designed for a special client to give to several special people in her life to toast an occasion.  I received 1-2 sentences about each person and then went to town to find personality for each of these boxes.  I found myself laughing at the names I decided to give them, but the laughing was at myself realizing how incredibly on they were for each person.  What a fun project!

Do you see why this one received the name “Northern Lights”?

If you haven’t had a chance to get to Altered Esthetics in Minneaplis to see the Bike Art show then GO NOW! It’s a great show featuring two things that Minneapolis are known for; bikes and art!  Plus you will find my Bike Superior panel hanging there until the end of June. 

Finally, new in my studio is the start of a new commission project.  This panel will commemorate a wedding taking place at a vineyard in Oregon.  More to come on this project but here is a sneak peak at part of my personal designed pattern.