A posse of vintage wheels.

by Katie Sisum

Many will tell you that patience is not my greatest virtue, but this time I scored big! Dilegently I watched a few auction sites in pursuit of a pair of cobalt rondels to use in another bike project that I intend to give away to a certain someone.  What I found was a set of vintage rondels from the 70’s, some weathered, some with large punte marks, some with touch marks from the blower touching an instrument.  New tools are always fun, but unwrapping my package made my feet wiggle!  I’m looking forward to sharing what became of a pair of the cobalt rondels later this weekend!

For those of you not familar with the process of blowing a rondel, this is done in a glass hot shop.  In short, you blow a bubble and thin it like you are going to be making a bowl, then you transfer it off your rod to another punte so it’s now being held on by what will be the bottom of the “bowl”.  You then open up the bowl so it has slightly flared sides.  Then comes the fun part! Back in the glory hole it goes to get hot, so hot that when you start to spin the punte and slowly pull it out of the glory hole you continue spinning it until it fully flares out flat.  Quite the process for one of these guys, right?  I do make these as well but like to hunt out some unique and true colors like this little find!