She wore white.

by Katie Sisum

My very wise co-worker included these words in a recent Email and they resonated with me, resonated with what I want for myself and resonated with bold choices I’m making these days. “I challenge all of us to lead, to create, to move, stand out, speak up, and to finish what we bravely started.” I hope you too allow your self to set into action things you have been holding off and truely start living the life that was meant for you!

Two of my friends took a big step and got married a few weeks ago and I was glad to be in attendance at there wedding in Oregon.  I had the honor of making a memory window for my friend to gift to her husband and then had the honor to see it and bask in it’s glory at the reception.  I wish them all the happiness in the world.  Here are a few pictures of there finished piece.