Gearing up for Spring art fairs!

by Katie Sisum

Since winter is here to stay for a while in Minnesota I thought adding to my week a challenge to create 3 new bicycle inspired panels would be a good way for me to look forward to the spring.  Inspiration from a friend of mine who finished 2012 by completing his "bike 8,000 mile" challenge and all I could think about was those last 100 miles with snow spraying up his backside.  I'll be collecting comments here and on my Facebook page for what your idea for a bike panel and once I've received 50 suggestions I'll be choosing a winner who will be receiving there suggestion from me for free! So feel free to comment below but please add your initials and then head to my newsletter subscription area below the "contact" tab and subscribe so I can get your Email address in case you are the winner!  Thanks for playing along and I look forward to using your suggestions!