Montana Inspiration

by Katie Sisum

Thank you all for your continued support as I march forward pursuing my passion.  I transitioned from my full time job in September to creating glass memories.  In between the two I choose to take a 7 week sabbatical to Montana.  I didn't know a soul; I had not been to the state prior to this.  I had felt for the last three years a need to be there, a need to use big sky country as a way to clear my head.  I found a cabin to rent and with my dog I went west.  It was the most incredible opportunity and with every day that passed I felt more and more lucky to have the opportunity to make this transition at an early age.  I am doing things that some people just dream about.  I am living my life with a smile on my face and inspiration to carry me forward.  I have windows and panels planned which I will start after the holiday season.  One of which I've shared a photo of below.  The snow in October was a treat for me and I have taken the picture below and converted it into a drawing and then taken that drawing and created a template for a new lead window.  I plan to share the lead window in process once it is started in January.  For now, here is the image and the drawing.  Enjoy!